Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual

Subject Area Macroeconomic Policy and Data Transparency
Issuing Body International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Date of Issuance 2009

Summary Description

The sixth edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (BPM6) is an international statistical standard that provides guidance to IMF member countries in the compilation of balance of payments and international investment position statistics. The BPM6 is consistent with the concepts and definitions encompassed in the 2008 System of National Accounts.

Detailed Description

Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Overview of the Framework Chapter 3. Accounting Principles Chapter 4. Economic Territory, Units, Institutional Sectors, and Residence Chapter 5. Classification of Financial Assets and Liabilities Chapter 6. Functional Categories Chapter 7. International Investment Position Chapter 8.Financial Account Chapter 9. Other Changes in Financial Assets and Liabilities Account Chapter 10. Goods and Services Account Chapter 11. Primary Income Account Chapter 12. Secondary Income Account Chapter 13. Capital Account Chapter 14.Selected Issues in Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Analysis  Appendix 1. Exceptional Financing Transactions Appendix 2. Debt Reorganization and Related Transactions Appendix 3. Regional Arrangements: Currency Unions, Economic Unions, and Other Regional Statements Appendix 4. Statistics on the Activities of Multinational Enterprises Appendix 5. Remittances Appendix 6. Topical summaries Appendix 7. Relationship of the SNA Accounts for the Rest of the World to the International Accounts Appendix 8. Changes from BPM5 Appendix 9. Standard Components and Selected Other Items.



Assessment Methodology


Description Data Quality Assessment Framework (currently using BPM5; being updated to BPM6)
Issuing Body IMF
Date of Issuance July 2003